Tile Lippage Level Model #001


Model #001 is a simple tool to help you lay tile with professional results.  If you can read a level, you can lay lippage free tile, simply and efficiently. Each kit includes 3 Tile Lippage Levels and a padded storage case.


Eliminate tile lippage by placing a series of levels over the grout joints of adjacent tiles, the bubble indicates how flush they are .  Work the high tile into the setting bed until the levels read level.  It is as easy as that!  Simply set the next tile, move the levels, and repeat.

  • Simplest leveling system, as easy as reading a level
  • Low cost can be used 100% over and over again
  • Non-scratching, and clean hands free operation
  • Fast direct feedback of leveling
  • View and access to entire grout joint
  • Very accurate tool
  • Use with all tile types stone, ceramic, and porcelain
  • Use with all edge styles, thickness, grout width, and size of tile
  • Made with pride in the USA


Advantages over other systems
  • No removing wedges and breaking off clips the next day
  • No chipping tile or parts left in grout line when removing clips
  • No extra tools required for installation
  • No finger fatigue from installing and fumbling with wedges
  • No extra thin set required to clear clip thickness
  • No clip soaking, assembly, or folding clips
  • No need for multiple types of clips
  • No running out of clips or wedges during installation

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4.625 × 3.25 × 1.62 in